Colombia - Finca La María NATURAL

Colombia - Finca La María NATURAL


Country: Colombia
Region: Vereda Loma del Guamo, Southwestern Antioquia
Farm: Taborda Cortez Family
Importer: Paisa Coffee
Variety: Red & Yellow Castillo
Altitude: >1600masl
Processing Method: Natural
Roast: Cinnamon (Light)
Tasting Notes: Juniper berries, an Arnold Palmer (lemonade/iced tea), tart plum

Most Colombian coffees are enjoyed as a washed process, but we’re excited to bring you something a little different with this natural processed selection!

This is another amazing coffee from Finca la María, located in the southwestern Antioquia region of Colombia near the small village of Vereda Loma del Guamo. Like most Colombian coffees, it is grown at higher altitudes, in this case around 1600 masl. This natural processed coffee is harvested anywhere from the beginning of November to the middle of January, and it is lovingly processed by the Taborda Cortez family. This farm has been in operation since 1945, passing from Gustavo Taborda to his son, Adolfo in 2013. Today, Finca la María produces over 10,000 lbs of coffee per year with its 12,000 trees, and their tried-and-true method is to hand pick only the ripest fruits through selective harvesting. This exceptional coffee is the result of years of experience and intention in producing, and it has cupped very well as a result!

This is a direct trade coffee — hit up Andrea Grove for more details on her visit to this farm!

(12 oz.)

Photo Credits: Paisa Coffee, Cropster, Andrea Grove

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