Guatemala - La Reforma

Guatemala - La Reforma


Imported through the dedicated folks at Onyx Coffee who focus solely on establishing relationships and sourcing beans from Guatemala, we present to you the La Reforma. These are fully washed beans of the Catuai, Caturra, Typica, and Bourbon varieties. Tasting gentle notes include green grapes, golden raisins, and red licorice

Origin: Robin Gutierrez

Peña Roja

Robin has four lots in Agua Dulce (same valley as Onyx Coffee farm - Finca Vista Hermosa). He is their neighbor just to the south, and they met him through his help transporting their coffee as a driver. Having worked in coffee full time since he was 13, Robin worked the land alongside his father and knew from a young age coffee would be his passion.

Robin's grandfather had begun working in coffee 50 years before, and left the farm to Robin’s father. Robin purchased the lots of Reforma and Los Claveles from his father. Robin created Capulines as a blend of the best selection of Reforma and Los Claveles, thinking it would yield even sweeter, more aromatic coffees. He was right. It's a lot aptly named, as Capulines means “Mexican Black Cherry”, a small, sweet, and very rare fruit. He went on to plant El Huerto as a continuation of the "best producing and cupping" plants from his other three micro lots. The succession of the micro lots are La Reforma, then Capulines, then Claveles and finally El Huerto. They are not geographically connected, and it's a 40 minute truck drive from the farthest lot to the drying patio.

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