We take a simplistic approach to our coffee.


First, we take well-sourced beans and carefully roast them small-batch style. Then, we wait impatiently for the Broad Street Market to open in the morning [insert restless foot-tapping here]. As the day dawns and our customers trickle in, we greet, grind, and brew for them. Our goal is to impart perfection in each cup. Our beans are prepared either through the Chemex or the Hario v60 Pour Over. We also have a Simonelli Aurelia on hand for our espresso drinks. We don't do any of that other automated brewing stuff [no apologies]. We believe that good coffee, crafted carefully, stands alone. Try it for yourself, because, in the end, we do this all for you.

elementary (adjective):
of or relating to the most rudimentary aspects of a subject

— New Oxford American Dictionary

Andrea Grove-Musselman


The mastermind behind Elementary, Andrea is a coffee artist, coffee roaster, and coffee enthusiast. Before starting the company in November of 2014, she had three years of extensive knowledge in the trade and two years experience in coffee roasting (on a little Diedrich). Her descension into coffee also included blog-writing (a Wordpress that no one ever read), festival classes, and a lot of nerdy experimentation. Her favorite roast-style is Cinnamon-City and current drink: a necessity-fashioned drink, coined the "Forté". Hint: it's really a miniature Americano.